Welcome to BARASTIFOODS a worldwide food trade company.


Based on years of experience we can provide high quality and healthy fruit varieties and vegetables. From producer to consumer, year round, and use this as leverage to continuously explore new market segments.

We select and offer the best quality conventional produce as Onions and Garlics, as well as Citrus: Oranges, Mandarines, Clementines, Lemmons and Grapefruits; and Stone Fruits: Plums, Nectarines and Peaches. Our grower network allows us to source other items for our clients upon request. Our full line of products are offered year round. Our quality focused on partnerships include sustainable growers from: Europe, South America and Africa. This allows us to offer customized programs. We work closely with our partners from strategy, execution right through to evaluation, ensuring a successful partnership.


Non Perishable

We have long term agreements with a large number of suppliers who produce the most exquisite and selected products as Wine and Cava, Olive Oil, Canned Seafood, Juices, Beer, Mineral water, Chocolates, Biscuits and Cookies, and so on.

Our factories network allows us to source other items for our clients upon request.

We also help brands in Amazon and other Marketplaces in collaboration with B2Marketplace Agency.



Some of the brands we work with